Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How do i remove recycler virus?

some how my note book has been infected by recycler no amount of deleating the recycler folder is helping

i have AVG 7 and Avast anti virus withme can some one help me please

How do i remove recycler virus?ducati

You need to have the latest definitions of viruses to quarantine or delete that virus. I think other antivirus softwares will remove the virus.

You can either try to update your version of AVG antivirus or install other antiviruses such as Symantic(which helped me in deleting the similar or same virus i think so), Mc afee, Norton.

See that before scanning definitions of virus are up to date.

How do i remove recycler virus?hp

Search your registry for that virus and delete it, if that doesn't remove it just format your drive,virus some people makes money that way.
Try "Disk Cleanup" In "SAVE MODE" when you start your system Press F8 key to go to save mode.

Go to start --%26gt; Programs--%26gt; Accessories --%26gt; Disk cleanup click on it and select your drive 'C' and then click 'OK'

a menu appears select all the check boxes and again click OK. This will remove all temp files and folders from your system.

After doing this Run your Anti virus program to check for the viruses.

Else upgrade your anti-virus first then check.

Try this I think this may work..
first shut down the pc.

unplug from you internet

before the windows logo appears, press f8 many times until a menu appears

choose safe mode

run your anti virus and try to clean

what we have done is run windows without any plugins such as a virus in your system.

this is not a sure shot but at least you tried something rather than nothing
please go to safe mode by pressing 'F8' key when computer starts.scan with an updated antivirus.

if the virus is still there please format the drive and reinstall the windows.

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